Sedation dentistry in Naples

Three out of four Americans suffer from nervousness, anxiety, or even outright fear at the thought of visiting a dentist. However, the patients in southwest Florida can relax, Dr. Bradley Engle and his talented dental team offer sedation dentistry at both the Naples and the Marco Island locations. The purpose of sedation dentistry is to help a patient become as calm and relaxed as possible during treatment. Oral/ IV Sedation during dental procedures can provide a number of benefits:
• Relaxation – It is believed that more than 10 percent of patients with serious dental issues do not seek treatment due to dental fear. Even more delay seeking necessary treatment until the problem escalates and pain drives them to the dentist’s chair. Sedatives can make dental visits a relaxed experience, allowing the dentally anxious to get the treatment that they need.
• Comfort – Everyone can benefit from increased comfort during dental procedures. Patients with physical conditions such as TMJ pain, back/ neck problems, or difficulty holding their mouth open wide will be much more comfortable with sedation.
• Gag reflex control – Sedatives can successfully diminish strong gag reflexes, reducing the urge to choke or throw up during treatment. Sedation techniques work best with the “Gaggers”.
• Movement control – Several medical conditions can cause uncontrolled movement. Sedation will minimize the movement, making it possible for the doctor to treat the patient safely and comfortably.
• Amnesic effect – After treatment, patients have little to no memory of the procedure. They feel as if the appointment only lasted a few minutes. This is especially beneficial to those who need complex treatments and lengthy appointment times. The dentally anxious patients love the fact that the memory of the treatment is essentially erased.
• Time saving – Due to being unaware of the passage of time, patients can comfortably have multiple issues addressed in a single appointment, reducing the number of visits required to complete treatment.
• Reduced soreness – Post-treatment soreness is reduced because the patient’s muscles are relaxed during treatment and the patients have less recall of the procedure.
• Better patient experience – Sedation helps patients have relaxed, comfortable, dental visits with minimal soreness afterwards. It encourages them to seek the dental care they need rather than postponing or avoiding it.
If you want to enjoy stress free dental care, call Florida Choice Dentistry in Naples at (239) 593-2111 or our Marco Island location at (239) 394-4906 and schedule a consultation today.

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