Protect your oral health with sedation dentistry in Marco Island

More than half of all Americans experience some anxiety about dental visits. Many patients postpone necessary dental care and some avoid it altogether due to dental phobias. A variety of factors can trigger these fears. Some patients are needle-phobic and the thought of the needle triggers fear. Others react to the sound and feel of the dentist’s drill, the high-pitched whine coupled with heat and pressure overwhelms them. There are many other aspects during a dental visit that can elicit a fright response in patients, but the results are the same.
No matter what incites the fear, the result of inadequate or non-existent dental care is devastating to oral health. Poor dental health, including tooth decay, malocclusion, missing teeth, and periodontal disease, can contribute other significant health conditions and be emotionally distressing as well.
Dr. Bradley Engle and the talented dental team at Engle Implant Dentistry understand the anxiety many patients experience, and offer assistance to make patients comfortable during their visit:
Dr. Engle has the appropriate training and credentials to offer both intravenous conscious sedation, and oral sedation for the comfort and wellbeing of his patients. If you prefer to be sedated before or during your visit, please let us know. Patients are routinely sedated for comfort during medical procedures, yet some hesitate to request sedation for dental work.
We want our patients to be able to get the care they need quickly, easily, and comfortably, and sedation provides a number of benefits. Multiple procedures can be completed in a single visit without fatigue, post treatment soreness is reduced or eliminates, and patients have reduced memory of the treatment.
BIOLASE WaterLase iPlus laser
The WaterLase enables us to perform treatments in less time, frequently without the need for anesthetic or drills. This eliminates needles and numbness, is quieter and faster, and reduces swelling, bleeding, and post-operative pain. This laser makes dental visits more pleasant for all patients, and is especially beneficial for those with dental anxiety.
With the benefits of sedation, laser dentistry, doctors with extensive expertise, a caring and compassionate dental team, and a pleasant soothing atmosphere, Engle Implant Dentistry is the perfect dental home for patients to overcome their concerns and get the care they need and deserve. Call Naples (239) 593-217 or Marco Island (239) 394-4906 and schedule an appointment today.

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