Naples Dentist answers your questions about Porcelain Dental Veneers

Does your smile make you hesitate to smile back at others? More than 36 percent of Americans do not like the appearance of their smile, according to a recent dental association study. Discolored teeth, cracks and chips, and wide gaps, are cited as reasons people are hesitant to present a full smile to others, and… Read More

Porcelain Veneers in Marco Island – Your teeth before and after

The number of people choosing porcelain veneers to restore the appearance of their teeth and perfect their smile has skyrocketed more than 250 percent over the past five years, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). The largest age group seeking porcelain veneers is between the ages of 30 and 39. Porcelain veneers… Read More

How your Naples Dentist archives the best results from Teeth Whitening

Your smile says something about you. It is a spontaneous expression of joy, gratitude, or friendship, and it is the outer expression of your inner joy. Unfortunately, if your teeth are dull, discolored, or stained your smile may be saying the wrong things. In today’s image based society, people tend to judge others largely based… Read More

See your Naples dentist for safe Teeth Whitening treatment

Everyone appreciates the beauty of a brilliant, white smile. However, age, foods, beverages, medications, and other factors combine to darken your teeth over time. Teeth whitening is a fast and effective way to get that sparkle back. Due to the phenomenal demand for teeth-whitening in Naples, Florida, it has turned into a booming industry. No… Read More

Total Dental Care from Naples dentist for radiant health and beauty

Naples, Florida Dentist, believee in working with our patients to develop an individualized treatment and maintenance plan. The first step is addressing any oral health issues. A healthy mouth is the foundation for a beautiful smile, and research has revealed that it is also important for your overall health. Because we provide comprehensive dentistry, you won’t… Read More

Types of Dental Implants, Naples Florida

There are a variety of types of dental implants available as there are many different circumstances under which patients could require them. As well, no two patients’ mouths are exactly the same.… Read More

Dental Implant Surgery, Naples Florida

Dental implant surgery is not quite as simple and straight forward as it might seem. In fact, it usually involves a multi step process, only the last of which is actually inserting a false tooth. But before an oral surgeon can do any of that, he or she must do a considerable amount of analytical work and then lay the groundwork for this false tooth implant.… Read More

Techniques used by Cosmetic Dentists, Naples, Florida

People who do not have good teeth often have low self-esteem . This low self-esteem has an adverse effect on the professional, social, and personal lives of these people. However, these days one need not put up with bad teeth any more. Thanks to the recent advances in the field of cosmetic dentistry, a few visits to a good dentist can solve problems broken, misshaped, or chipped teeth, stains, and gum line related problems.… Read More

Steps to Prevent Dry Socket after Dental Extraction

In dentistry, a dry socket’s symptoms include extreme pain, a foul taste, bad breath, and swelling in the infected area. Its treatment is mainly preventative.… Read More

The beauty of porcelain veneers (Naples, Florida)

Porcelain veneers are extremely thin (about 0.5 mm) shells of porcelain that are placed on the outer surface of the teeth to create a smile makeover. They are one of the most aesthetic ways of creating a more beautiful smile. Porcelain imitates tooth enamel better than any other dental material available today, creating spectacular restorations… Read More