Dental Hygiene

Studies have shown that a healthy smile can result in a healthier body. Individuals that have gum disease or infections located in their mouth can be shown to be at a higher risk of a number of different health concerns such diabetes, heart disease and even stroke. A Smoker with Advanced Periodontal disease has a significantly higher risk of experiencing a STROKE. Taking care of your mouth is serious business.

Regular hygiene check-ups can ensure better health of your mouth. Our hygienists are trained to remove the hard and soft plaque that form around your teeth. Bacterial plaque is the primary cause of both gingivitis and periodontal disease. The frequency of getting your teeth cleaned is often determined by your Hygienist. With proper oral home care and a healthy mouth, hygiene visits could be scheduled every 6 months. However, depending on the level of gum disease and plaque formation around your teeth, some patients are seen every 2 months.

Regular hygiene appointments can identify new problems and teeth that are beginning to break down. Our hygiene staff will spend up to 1 hour providing updates to your radiographs (x-rays), removing the plaque on your teeth, performing a periodontal exam (with Cancer screening), and provide suggestions on how you can improve your hygiene techniques. Regular hygiene appointments even ensure longer-term success of dental treatment.

Our Dental team realizes the importance of completing Oral Cancer screening and detection. Both the Doctors and Hygiene team will periodically evaluate the gums, cheek, tongue and other related structures to ensure that your entire mouth stays healthy. A healthy mouth does NOT only mean that your teeth are healthy!

Florida Choice Dentistry understands the importance of keeping your mouth clean and healthy. Schedule your hygiene appointment with one of our Florida licensed dental hygienists (Registered Dental Hygienist).

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