Gum Disease and the Benefits of Bone Grafting

Gum disease is serious if left untreated. Even with proper brushing, daily flossing and regular check-ups, patients can still be susceptible to lose bone and attachment around their teeth. Many times progressive gum disease can be traced back to a genetic component. Does your Mother or Father have missing teeth? Do you have bad breadth? The effects of gum disease can be serious and irreversible if left untreated- for anybody and at any age.

Gum disease begins with the build-up of tartar and plaque (bacterial plaque). The growth of bacteria around the teeth and gums can lead to the loosening of the gums around the teeth. As it progresses, the bone begins to melt away and at some point you can run the risk of loosing teeth. Once the damage progresses to a certain point, the damage is difficult to reverse. It is essential to keep regular hygiene appointments to identify potential gum problems prior to the progression of this disease.

Prior to completing any restorative considerations, definitive gum treatment is necessary and recommended to complete. When the disease progresses to a certain point, gum surgery is required (with or without bone grafting). Definitive gum treatment will include both scaling/ root planing and osseous gum surgery.

Bone grafting is done when a patient has lost an extensive amount of bone around a tooth, and helps to regrow the bone. It will also be recommended when a tooth or multiple teeth are extracted. Bone grafting with extractions help preserve/rebuild the amount of quality/amount of bone present and reduces post-operative bleeding and soreness.

Florida Choice Dentistry works with highly trained dental specialists to provide oral surgical/ periodontal procedures, bone grafting, extractions, dental implants, and other extensive procedures within our office. We are proud to offer you the convenience of completing your dental work from each of our office locations and to create a new standard in providing that care.

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