Tips for the care of dentures in Naples

The loss of all of your permanent teeth (edentulism) can have a profound impact on your life. It can lower your self-image, interfere with proper nutrition, and reduce your overall quality of life. Traditionally, dentures were called false teeth, and a lot of stigma was attached to them. Difficulty eating, discomfort, sore spots, clicking, slipping, and an artificial appearance have all been associated with dentures. Oftentimes, messy glues/ adhesives are required to help stabilize and keep them in.
With the advances in technology, techniques, and materials, modern dentures are an affordable, attractive, and comfortable option for tooth replacement. They allow you to eat and speak normally, without pain or embarrassment, and look perfectly natural. Dentures can serve you well for many years when given appropriate care:
• Dentures can be fragile, when cleaning them, hold them over a folded towel or basin filled with water, to prevent breakage if they are dropped.
• Clean your dentures at least twice daily with a soft bristled denture brush. After meals, brush your dentures to reduce staining, bad breath, and irritation.
• Use non-abrasive toothpaste; whitening toothpastes and some standard ones contain abrasives that can scratch your dentures. Additionally, alcohol, whiteners, or bleach may discolor the gum colored portion of your dentures.
• Make sure to clean your tongue and gums when your dentures are out of your mouth.
• Remove your dentures and rinse them as well as your mouth after snacks.
• Remove your dentures when using a mouth rinse.
• Do not use boiling water, a microwave, or a dishwasher, to clean your dentures as they can be warped, destroying proper fit. Use warm, but not hot, water.
• When you are not wearing your dentures, place them in a denture solution or plain water, to keep them from drying out. Prolonged dryness of the denture can distort the acylic.
• Maintain bi-annual visits to your dentist, it is important to monitor your oral health and the proper fit of your dentures. Dentures need to be relined or replaced periodically, to ensure proper fit and comfort.
• If you experience signs of discomfort, consult your dentist.
• Be careful not to scratch your denture, as scratches can harbor harmful bacteria.
If you are missing some, or all of your teeth, partial or complete dentures can be an affordable and elegant solution. In the hands of an excellent provider, like the doctors at Florida Choice Dentistry, they can be an excellent solution for edentulous or partially edentulous patients. Schedule an appointment to learn if dentures can change your life. Call (239) 593-2111, or stop by 5655 Naples Blvd, Naples, FL.

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