Using Dental Specialists

One of the unique benefits about Florida Choice Dentistry is the ability to have several types of dental treatments/ services under one roof. Not only is our Board Certified Periodontist able to help keep your gums healthy and replace missing teeth with dental implants, he is able to help with many of your oral surgical needs/ requirements. Dr. Bradley Engle is one of the Dental Specialists found at Florida Choice Dentistry. He is an educator that holds a staff appointment in the Department of Periodontics at the Medical University of South Carolina and is a member of the NCH hospital system.

Dr. Engle provides a number of dental specialty services to the Florida Choice Dentistry offices. He will help your general dentist with surgical extractions, bone grafting including sinus augmentation, cosmetic adjustments, guided tissue regeneration, dental implants, and IV/ oral sedation techniques. Dr. Engle is thoroughly trained in providing these services and will work with your assigned general dentist at Florida Choice to provide comprehensive/ complex care in an easy and convenient way. Dr. Engle has provided Specialty Dental services for Southwest Florida since 2000.

Periodontal disease MUST be treated prior to completing any Dental work. A stable and healthy smile requires healthy gums. Prior to getting your teeth cleaned or completing complex dental care, our doctors will provide a Comprehensive evaluation of your gums as part of their initial examination.

Dental implants depend upon a healthy, strong bone structure to provide long-term success rates for the case. Proper planning and preparing at the extraction appointment can help to ensure higher successes. Before having a tooth pulled, understand all of the treatment options to graft the site, not to graft the site, replace the missing tooth with a dental implant, replace the missing tooth with a bridge, etc. Proper planning can help reduce unnecessary costs associated with Dental care.

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