Introducing The Modern Dentist

What is a Modern Dentist?

In a way, your mouth is like a book. A good dentist can read it and tell you about it. A modern dentist reads it and translates it into a story that will help you transform your health.

Strength from Stories

Once you know the story your mouth is telling, you gain a tool for managing your whole health picture. Because education is a primary consideration at Engle Dentistry,  our goal is to provide an avenue for enhanced education and awareness that extends far beyond our offices and business hours. Consequently, we decided to give our blog a platform. By providing this service, we believe we can help more people learn, grow and take control of their own health and happiness.


How Can We Help You?

Modern Dentists Help People: "we're here to help"


The other day I asked Prosthodontist, Dr. Feliciano about his experience working at Engle Dentistry. His most noteworthy quote?


We are all here to help people. 


Engle Dentistry and modern dentistry is all about helping people.

Since this blog is an extension of that purpose, in posts from The Modern Dentist you will find professional and personal insights on prevention techniques, treatment options and even lifestyle choices that will arm you with the information you need to make the best decisions for your smile. Along the way, we will also share the stories behind the smiles at Engle Dentistry and show you the the people who dedicate their lives to oral health and the people they’ve helped along the way.

Participation and Education

Modern dentistry requires the energetic participation of both you and your doctor in order to provide the highest quality results. A lot of people don’t take a toothache or sore gums very seriously. They might say, “It’s a little tender. I’ll just wait it out, see if it goes away.” Other issues may include anxiety or fear of the dentist. Whatever the case, skipping the dentist just one time often leads to skipping the dentist a lot of times. The result? Before you even know it… catastrophic tooth decay. At Engle Dentistry, we believe the best way to enhance patient participation is through education.

What’s Next?

We believe your participation in this online community is pivotal for us to provide a truly helpful tool. Therefore, we invite you to subscribe to our blog and become a part of the conversation. Along the journey we will invite you to ask questions, leave comments and tell us what you want to know. This will allow us to use your feedback to better serve you.


Whatever your reason for visiting, The Modern Dentist is here to help.


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