Comfortable dentistry

Sedation dentistry, also called relaxation dentistry or comfortable dentistry, relaxes patients prior to and during dental procedures. People with dental anxieties, or even dental phobia, can comfortably get the treatment they need with the aid of sedation dentistry. Naples Forida residents benefit from sedation dentistry at Engle Implant Dentistry. Sedation dentistry is beneficial for a… Read More

A general dentist does more than just place dental fillings in Naples

General dentists are your first line of defense against oral problems. They provide care for patients of all ages, typically treating entire families, caring for their overall oral health. Often when people hear the words general dentist, fillings is what comes to mind, however, the services they provide go far beyond providing dental fillings in… Read More

For bone grafting, Naples residents rely on Florida Choice Dentistry

Bone grafting is recommended after extractions to fill the socket with bone and deter shrinkage of the ridge. This will help ensure that the bone will stay stable for future dental implant placement. In addition, it will reduce post-operative bleeding and soreness as well as virtually reduce the chance to get a dry socket. When… Read More

Naples dentist uses bone grafts to preserve dental health after oral dental surgery

Surgical tooth extraction is one of the oral surgery procedures performed by Engle Dentistry. Surgical extraction is required when a tooth cannot be easily pulled, has broken below the gum line, or it is partially impacted. Often this procedure is performed as emergency surgery when a patient has acute pain or the result of trauma… Read More

Why should you visit a North Naples dentist before a problem develops?

With a dental specialist, general dentist, and registered hygienist on staff, the team at Florida Choice Dentistry offers a comprehensive array of services for residents of Southwestern Florida (the Marco Island and North Naples area). They can provide full cosmetic and functional restorations, even complete complex cases. However, they would prefer to help you avoid… Read More

What is crown lengthening in Naples?

It is very simple to repair a tooth when there is a cavity above the gumline. Unfortunately, when a cavity is close to the bone or gum, it is a different story. It is very challenging to access the cavity, which can impair the ability to finish the final restoration. When a cavity runs deep,… Read More

A premier dental specialist in Naples and Marco Island

There are nine dental specialties recognized in the United States. To become a specialist requires advanced graduate training or training in a residency. Dr. Bradley J. Engle of Florida Choice Dentistry is a Board certified dental specialist in Naples, providing periodontal and Implant services. Dr. Engle has extensive advanced training, and is a graduate of… Read More

Are you looking to replace missing Teeth?

If you have one or more teeth missing, you have the option to choose to do nothing or have a dentist replace missing teeth using a implant, partial denture or dental bridge. Dr. Bradley Engle of Engle Implant Dentistry works with his team of General Dentists that help him provide these type of Dental treatments.… Read More

Do you have a toothache? Naples, dentist in Florida

Toothaches are a common problem, especially for patients with poor oral hygiene or untreated dental issues. The pain may be fleeting or long lasting, depending on the underlying cause. In most cases, a toothache is a symptom of a more serious condition. Many patients postpone seeing a dentist, because they are afraid of root canal… Read More

Marco Island dentist explains the oral systemic connection

Your oral health plays a significant role in your overall health. It is estimated that 75% of American adults have at least some signs of gum disease. Up to 30% of the cases can even be in more severe stages. Emerging science has indicated that oral disease can affect the overall health of your body.… Read More