How to get the best results with at home teeth whitening in Marco Island

According to the American Dental Association, teeth whitening procedures have rocketed 300 percent over the past five years, attributed in large part to the influx of off-the-shelf bleaching products that promise whiter teeth at a fraction of the cost of professional procedures.

Within the dental community, the mindset is that in-office or take home whitening systems, overseen by an experienced dental practitioner, offer the best results over the long haul. They are viewed as the most economical methods to get the best results with the added safety of a competent dental professional overseeing your treatment to monitor tooth sensitivity and ensure you are using the gel and trays properly.

At Engle Dentistry in Naples and Marcos Island, patients are mirroring the nationwide whitening trend. Dr. Bradley Engle offers two whitening procedures to patients seeking a brighter smile. The Zoom! “2” teeth whitening treatment is a laser-activated system that can return teeth up to five shades whiter in just an hour. The second option, at home professional teeth whitening trays, take a little longer to see maximum results but may be preferable to many patients who prefer having more control over teeth shading with the added plus of lower costs than Zoom!.

To achieve the optimal results with your at-home teeth whitening trays, here are some key points from Dr. Bradley Engle.

1. Start with a comprehensive dental exam and cleaning - To prepare your teeth for a round of whitening, schedule a routine exam and cleaning. The dentist can assess and repair any cavities or chips. A professional cleaning will scrape away tartar, and assess gum health and fortify your teeth with a fluoride treatment. Dark spots or metal fillings will not change color from whitening, so you may be counseled on considering applying a porcelain veneer or porcelain crown before starting the whitening regimen.

2. Use trays as prescribed - Trays are worn typically 15 minutes to one hour daily for up to two weeks. Regular use will compound whitening. Lapses or skipping applications can extend treatment time and not be as powerful as a concentrated treatment schedule.

3. Do not overfill trays - The hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel is potent and if too much product is squeezed into trays, the gel will overflow and end up coating the gums, where it can cause unwanted bleaching, sensitivity, and burning. Always try to avoid creating gum sensitivity.

4. Know when to stop - Your dentist has the benefit of helping thousands of patients whiten their teeth and has the innate knowledge of what shade matches your facial skin tones. They can provide a whitening guide to help you determine what level of whiteness will look best for you and ensure you do not result with “chalk teeth” or risk enamel erosion due to overuse

5. Clean your trays- After each use thoroughly rinse the plastic trays with mild soap and lukewarm water to remove the gel residue. Air dry to prevent mold or bacteria from flourishing.

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