Replace Missing Teeth
Replace Missing Teeth

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are highly predictable and have the highest level of long-term success rates found in dentistry. Implants are used to replace single or multiple missing teeth with crowns as well as secure loose appliances/ replace a failing set of teeth with removable or fixed/ screwed-in options. According to a 15-year-study and report, titanium implants have greater than a 90% success rate and are still present and in function after that period of time. Dental Implants can be made from Titanium or Zirconium ceramic materials. Titanium is well accepted by the human body and can integrate with the alveolar bone while Zirconium Ceramic implants are just now being reviewed as an alternative to a metal based implant. Only titanium implants are placed at this office currently.

Missing or clinically hopeless teeth create a difficult time with eating (masticating) food and can also be considered unsightly. A dental implant can be placed as long as the amount and quality of bone provides adequate support for the fixture. Having a Dental CT scan taken and reviewed prior to implant placement can help determine if the amount and quality of bone is adequate for an implant. As part of our planning process, a Dental CT scan will be taken at Engle Dentistry prior to a final treatment plan being presented. With this single scan, Dr. Engle can identify if any pre-surgical infections exist or if the anatomy of the bone requires any additional bone growing techniques prior to or during the placement of the dental fixture. Understanding the amount and quality of bone prior to starting any definitive treatment will maximize your level of implant success.

Dental CT Radiographs: 3D Radiographs Benefits include:

  1. An effective tool in the surgical planning for dental implants and removal of wisdom teeth
  2. Evaluation of the Sinuses as well as position of important anatomy including nerve canals
  3. Detecting and diagnosis of jaw tumors, pathology and anomalies
  4. Provides accurate details of both the bone and soft tissue
3D Dental Radiographs Planning for Implants

3D Dental Scans - Infection Identified

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