The Engle Dentistry Difference

Dr. Bradley Engle is a board-certified dental implant specialist. In 2000, he founded Engle Dentistry to provide Southwest Florida the highest quality dental care. With a network of talented doctors and staff, Engle Dentistry strives to provide the best overall dental experiences and ensure the long-term health and happiness of every patient.

What Makes Engle Dentistry Unique?
  • Over 30 highly-trained staff members who study hours of continuing education courses each year
  • The peace of mind of a whole-health, long-term focus on your teeth and gums
  • The best treatment options for minimal soreness and fast recovery
  • One-hour hygiene appointments, so hygienists never rush to clean your teeth
  • Stress-free options for treatment including Oral and/or IV Sedation Dentistry (learn more)
  • Three full-service modern facilities across Southwest Florida: Naples, Downtown Naples, and Marco Island(learn more)
  • Prestige Dental Art, an on-site fully-equipped ceramic laboratory that ensures highly personalized cosmetic results​
  • Implants planned and placed by Dr. Bradley Engle, a board-certified periodontist; patients recieve Dr. Engle's personal mobile number to allow direct access and peace of mind, even on evenings and weekends 

New Engle Dentistry Headquarters

New Headquarters Coming Early 2018
Located in Downtown Naples!

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Dental Services & Other Areas of Interest:
  • Dental Crowns And Bridges
    A Dental Bridge can be used to replace a missing tooth when a dental implant is not indicated or desired. Bridges can be offered only when there are natural teeth (or implants in select cases) on either side of the missing space. View Video Details Click Here
  • Teeth in an Hour
    Engle Dentistry made headlines with CT Dental Scan technology that can offer the placement of multiple dental implants without cutting and in less than an hour. View Video Details Click Here
  • Laser Dentistry
    Using the latest in Laser Technology, common procedures can be complete without cutting or sutures and often times even without anesthetic. View Video Details Click Here
  • IV Sedation
    Complete all of your dental treatment while being relaxed and lightly medicated. This service can significantly reduces your post-operative discomfort as well as reduce the number of visits required to complete your dental treatment. View Video Details Click Here
  • Individual Dental Implants
    Permanently replace single or multiple missing teeth. Dental implants are now considered the Gold Standard to replace missing teeth. View Video Details Click Here
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
    Cosmetic dentistry includes a number of common procedures such as; porcelain veneers, fillings, crowns, bridges, dental implants, root canals, bonding and more. All of these procedures can help improve the function, look and esthetic appeal of your smile. View Video Details Click Here
  • Oral surgery
    Emergency Dental care is often needed because of a broken down or sick tooth. Our dental specialists will provide surgical extractions, bone grafting, sinus preservations/augmentation, gum procedures, wisdom teeth removal, IV Sedation and biopsies of pathological changes (incisional/exisional) that are identified in the mouth. View Video Details Click Here
  • Dentures
    Most of the denture wearers know that when they lose their teeth and transition to an immediate denture. They will ultimately want to proceed with securing at least their lower dental appliance with dental implants (some even want to secure the upper appliance as well to get rid of the plastic covering the top of their mouth (palate). View Video Details Click Here
  • Gum Disease
    Gum disease is a chronic condition that can cause long-term, irreversible bone loss (damage) to you. Early detection of this disease can help save your teeth. View Video Details Click Here
  • Porcelain Veneers
    Veneers are thin porcelain pieces that are placed over the teeth in order to improve the look, shape, or size of the tooth. Porcelain is strong, sturdy and is able to protect the teeth underneath. View Video Details Click Here