Gum Disease
Gum Disease

Gum Disease Treatments

As a Board-Certified Dental Specialist, Dr. Engle can offer the latest recommended treatment for gum disease (also known in dentistry as periodontal disease). Gum disease is a chronic condition that can cause long-term, irreversible bone loss (damage) to our patients. Early detection of this disease can help prevent tooth loss. The primary etiology factor for this disease is bacterial plaque. However, secondary factors can also attribute it to its progression, these are: genetic factors, smoking, health concerns, systemic factors and uncontrolled or undiagnosed diabetes.

There are well documented ways to predictably treat periodontal disease which helps reduce the progression of this disease. One is initial periodontal therapy. This includes scaling and root planning (deep cleaning) in conjunction with home care management. If necessary, the next step in treating this disease is definitive periodontal care. This involves gum procedures that help rebuild bone or get the gums to seal better around the teeth. When indicated, guided tissue regeneration (bone grafting) can help re-grow bone and damaged support around the tooth (teeth).

To help avoid the onset of gum disease, proper oral hygiene (home care) and regular hygiene visits are recommended. Dental Hygienists are on staff at both our Naples and Marco Island locations. This will allow you the convenience of having cleanings, check-ups and regular follow-ups at a location near you.

Remember, the primary factor that leads to gum disease is bacterial plaque, so the ability to maintain proper oral hygiene and home care is important and this will also help reduce the progression of this disease.  Because there is NO CURE for gum disease, the completion of initial and definitive periodontal treatment will help maintain your teeth for an extended period of time. We are here to make sure that you are enjoying the benefits of a happy, healthy smile!


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