Minimally Invasive Periodontal Treatment in Naples

Periodontal (Gk., peri-around + odous-tooth) disease affects the supporting tissues around the teeth – the gingival tissue, periodontal ligament, and the underlying bone. The disease begins with the growth of bacteria in your mouth, and if left untreated, can result in the loss of teeth, gums, and bone. A periodontist is an oral doctor (Dentist) that specializes in the study, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal diseases.

Dr. Bradley Engle (Engle Dentistry) has completed a 36-month graduate program in the AAP recognized specialty of Periodontics and is a board certified periodontist. Bone grafts, soft tissue grafts, sinus elevation/augmentation, and dental implants are just a few of the areas of Dr. Engle’s expertise. Moreover, he offers a revolutionary approach to the treatment of periodontal disease.

Dr. Engle uses the latest proven technology to provide the highest level of care for his patients. By using the Waterlase laser system (iPlus), he can provide virtually painless, minimally invasive periodontal treatments. The Waterlase system uses the combination laser energy and water to provide a more comfortable dental treatment with minimal trauma, lasting results, and little to no post-operative discomfort (NO cutting required). Some of the benefits of the Waterlase are:

  • Anesthesia – Little to no anesthesia is needed, avoiding the needles and getting numb lips.
  • Drills – Waterlase is drill free treatment, so there isn’t the noise, vibration, smell, and heat that are inherent with drilling a tooth and/or bone.
  • Sutures – No scalpels or sutures are necessary when treating periodontal pockets (Deep Pocket Therapyy). The laser goes between the gums and the teeth to remove tartar, diseased tissue, and kill germs/ bacteria. This enables the tissue to reattach to the tooth, allowing healing and help block bacteria the ability to repopulate in the gum.
  • Anxiety – Many patients’ dental fear stems from the use of needles and the drill. Waterlase eliminates the need for either in many procedures, therefore reducing anxiety.
  • After effects – There is less bleeding, post-operative swelling, and pain after treatment.
  • Time – The Waterlase is faster and more efficient, allowing more treatment in less time.

Call (239) 593-2178, email, or stop by 5659 Naples Blvd, Naples, FL to learn more about this minimally invasive periodontal treatment or schedule an appointment to experience the benefits of this revolutionary technology for yourself.

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