When teeth are at a point where they can’t be restored, or when gum disease has progressed to the point to create hopeless teeth, it may become necessary to remove some or all of the remaining teeth. A denture can be fabricated to provide proper esthetics but with minimal function, such as chewing correctly. If properly planned, the Immediate Denture can be placed immediately following the extraction of the teeth and bone grafting.  Nobody wants to leave the office without ANY TEETH!

Since losing teeth and transitioning into a denture can cause anxiety, many patients elect to have IV sedation during this process. Taking teeth out under sedation provides a more comfortable experience (less anxious) and can provide less post operative discomfort for the patient. When taking teeth out and transitioning into dentures, we oftentimes suggest the preservation or grafting of the surgical site just in case later on down the road the patient decides to secure the appliance(s) with dental implants. The bone grafting will provide more ridge support for the appliance.

Dentures are an inconvenience that over 20 million US citizens experience. Most of the denture wearers know that when they lose their teeth and transition to an immediate denture, they will ultimately want to proceed with securing at least their lower dental appliance with dental implants. Some even want to secure the upper appliance as well to get rid of the plastic covering on top of their mouth (palate). 

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