Full Dentures Marco Island Florida

How Your New Complete, Full Dentures Will Improve Your Life

Today more than 26 percent of Americans over age 74 nationwide are missing their entire upper and lower arches of teeth. Many of these could be your neighbors in the Marco Island area, but it would be hard to tell from their smiles. That's because they are wearing full dentures to restore their vitality and smile, the dentures are custom-crafted our General Dentists at Engle Dentistry.

The full denture process does not take several months to complete anymore, and is a less costly and invasive procedure compared to dental implants. This, coupled with advances in materials and fabrication techniques, allow your dentures to be molded and fit to your mouth seamlessly to maximize comfort and function. This makes a full denture option immensely popular. Your new dentures will be unobtrusive and attractive following these latest advances.

The process for receiving full dentures begins with a consultation with Dr. Engle. He will examine your dental ridges and gums to ensure you have adequate tissue to support full dentures. Your bite will be assessed to check how well your jaws fully close together.

Full dentures are also an opportunity to improve how your teeth look. You will have input with our General Dentists on shape, size, and exact color. If you have always wanted a better smile, dentures give you that chance of a lifetime to make a change!

A detailed series of measurements will be taken and impressions made of the jaw. Removal of any remaining teeth would also need to be completed. This info is sent to our off-site lab where the dentures would be fabricated from gum-colored acrylic. The teeth are also made of acylic and emulate a natural tooth even including translucencies and normal tooth shading.

You may have several follow-up appointments with interim wax models to ensure that the final set-up is a precise match to your mouth and what you are looking for. This needs to be completed prior to the final processing.

If you are receiving immediate dentures, they are placed directly following the extraction of any remaining teeth, so you do not have to worry about a period of walking around without teeth and being completely toothless.

Once the dentures are placed, expect a short adjustment phase as you adapt to speaking and eating with dentures. Thanks to the marvelous design techniques now available, your dentures from Engle Dentistry should take on a natural feel in a very short time frame. Most of our patients experience minimal soreness but increased salivation from having the new appliances in the mouth. Dr. Engle will continue to monitor your full dentures through regular exams to assess their fit and your oral health.