Teeth Whitening

A simple, affordable way to improve the look of your smile is teeth whitening.  

Many individuals find that the store whitening products are not nearly as effective as the professionally provided products as they would like them to be. The concentrations in the products that are purchased from the store are reduced in strength which causes it to take longer, to get noticeable results. Many individuals find that professional quality teeth whitening treatments are not only affordable, but fast and effective in getting the whitening results you expect.

Engle Dentistry offers a number of different types of teeth whitening. The Zoom “2” teeth whitening system is a light-activated solution that allows our patients to complete noticeable results in about an hour. It’s simple, sit back and relax, bring some headphones and take a nap!  

We also offer take home bleaching trays for your convenience. With simple upper and lower alginate impressions, we are able to make custom fitted trays that can be filled with our professional concentrations of bleaching. These home whitening kits can provide a noticeable result with just a few short applications.  

IMPORTANT: The improper use of bleach can possibly cause burning of your gums or excessive sensitivity to your teeth. It is essential that you receive proper education before using the take home bleaching kits.  

Teeth whitening will enhance other cosmetic services that we offer. When you work with our dentists, we can ensure that the adjacent teeth are as white as they can be through the tooth whitening process prior to the final cementation of final restorations you receive.   

Both teeth whitening techniques can be requested at either our Marco Island or Naples dental facilities.  

IMPORTANT: Teeth Whitening does not change the color of existing fillings, crowns or restorations. When considering bleaching your teeth, consult with one of our doctors to see if Bleaching is right for you.


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