Emergency Dentist

Visits to the hospital emergency room after normal dental hours can be extremely expensive with most of the emergency room physicians not experienced in oral infections/dental problems anyway.
This is why having access to a local (Naples, Downtown Naples and Marco Island) dental team makes sense.

Engle Dentistry has both Dental Specialists and a Board-Certified Periodontist on staff. This gives us the ability to treat most dental emergencies in a timely manner.

Please feel free to call us if you are having a dental emergency. Our dentists will do their best to get you comfortable until more definitive dental treatment can be scheduled and completed (non-dental emergencies will be treated on the next normal business day).

Having a dental emergency?
Please call us at (239) 213-1500

Feel free to leave a general voicemail that will be forwarded to our dentist on call or directly connect with one of our doctors by following the voice prompts on the phone system.

*Emergency calls received after 11 PM and before 6 AM may require additional time to respond to.