Making an Informed Decision About Tooth Replacement

Anyone that is planning to replace missing teeth may be wondering about implants vs. dentures. Naples area residents can turn to Engle Implant Dentistry. During your consultation, the doctors will listen to your concerns and goals, answer any questions you may have, and explain the risks and rewards of all possible solutions to your dental problems.

Engle Implant dentistry is built on pillars of excellence in dentistry, service, and technology. The practice provides general and preventive dentistry as well as specialty dentistry, assuring convenience for their patients. They implement the latest technology, such as digital x-rays and a dental CT scan, which virtually eliminates surgical surprises, minimizing post-surgical complications, pain and dental unknowns.

Implants, fixed bridges, and dentures are the most common restorations for edentulous (lack of teeth) or partially edentulous patients. Implants are the treatment of choice, due to their longevity, comfort, convenience, and stability. Unfortunately, the cost of dental implants can be much higher than that of bridges or dentures. However, implants may prove to be less expensive overall, because other restorations must be replaced or relined periodically. In general, Implants require excellent oral hygiene and scheduled check-ups (they are extremely successful long-term).

For those that find the cost of implants prohibitive, a bridge or denture is a viable option. Denture technology has advanced tremendously in recent years. Computerized imaging, superior dental materials, and innovative techniques have revolutionized this restoration in both appearance and fit. Modern dentures are exceptionally natural and aesthetic; they no longer have the false teeth look that was so prevalent in the past.

Unfortunately, even with modern technology, there are drawbacks to dentures. One of the most important benefits of dental implants is the prevention of bone loss. When teeth are lost, the bone that supported them begins to shrink, in a process called resorption. This is a consequence of the lack of bone stimulation. Dental Implants are essentially artificial tooth roots, so they provide the needed stimulus to reduce/ prevent bone loss. Many of the inherent problems with dentures, such as difficulty chewing some foods, sore spots, and slipping, can be reduced when incorporating today’s dentures with the use of Dental Implants.

Whatever your dental concerns may be, call (239) 593-2178 and schedule a consultation. With a comprehensive array of services available, the experts at Engle Implant Dentistry will be able to guide you to an option that is right for you.