Teeth Whitening Can't be Found on a Naples Store Shelf

Turn on the television or open your email inbox and you will be bombarded with promotions touting products claiming to give you professional teeth whitening results without seeing a dentist. Teeth whitening today is what fluoride toothpaste was 20 years ago — every major dental care brand has its formula sold on the drugstore and supermarket shelf.

Studies show that whitening your teeth shaves ten years off of your appearance. It is important to define whitening – what level of whiteness is desired and how long will the results last.

Hands down, professional whitening services are more effective than over the counter products. Patients report being more satisfied with the shade brilliance, thoroughness of coverage, and treatment longevity versus the retail variety of strips, pastes, and trays.

Engle Dentistry, with a location in Naples, Florida, offers patients two choices for professional teeth whitening. The Zoom “2” teeth whitening system uses a light-activated solution that is applied during an in-office treatment session and activated by a laser light while the patient relaxes in the dental chair. In approximately 45 minutes, patients see dazzling teeth a few shades lighter from a single session and with less tooth sensitivity than comparable systems.

The second popular option is in-home whitening trays. This form of whitening often takes one to two weeks to see full results; however, it is more economical than Zoom “2” whitening and allows you to make touch-ups as needed. The process is simple. Impressions of your teeth are taken, from which smooth plastic trays are molded for a glove-like fit to your mouth. A hydrogen peroxide whitening mixture is injected into the top and bottom trays using a pre-filled syringe. The trays are worn from one hour up to overnight, depending on teeth sensitivity and stain resistance. These molded trays allow each tooth to receive 360 degrees of whitening and can conform to the true shape of your individual teeth.

Your whitening progress will be charted by the dental staff as treatment progresses. They will also instruct you about how to inject the teeth whitening gel into the trays properly and a give you a prescribed schedule for usage.

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