A smile makeover requires advanced cosmetic treatment in Naples

In today’s society, there is a focus on facial beauty so many people are considering cosmetic enhancement. When it comes to facial beauty, often the most dramatic aesthetic results can be created with cosmetic dental procedures. Small steps, such as teeth whitening can bring visible enhancement to your smile, but bigger steps are necessary to achieve more wide-ranging goals.

The word “cosmetic” is derived from the ancient Greek word kosmetike, which means “the art of dress and adornment, and the Greek word kosmeo to rule, to order, to arrange. Cosmetic dentistry relates to enhancing the superficial or external surfaces, but many times the color comes from beneath the enamel surface.

A smile analysis is crucial to the process of cosmetic dental enhancement. Many components are involved in a smile. The size shape and color of the teeth must be considered. The gums are the frame for your teeth, and should be healthy, even, and at the proper height. The alignment of the teeth is crucial, as is the bite, spacing, and upper and lower jaw relation. Many elements and ratios are taken into consideration when evaluating a smile design.

When a patient has a consultation for cosmetic dental enhancement, there is two phases to the examination. The first part is the evaluation of dental health, checking the health and condition of the teeth and gums, taking s-rays, and evaluating the alignment and bite. The second part is an aesthetic analysis, with a particular focus on the aspects of the smile that the patient would like to change.

Some patients want the perfect Hollywood style smile with maximum brightness, alignment, and regularity. They want a showy smile that dazzles like the Hollywood stars. Some patients want an artistic natural smile with subtle nuances to add character. They want general symmetry, and some brightness, but not a showy smile. It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, the beholder is you, the patient. Successful smile design is accomplished by creating the look the patient desires.

It takes a truly skilled, artistic, and scientific doctor to perform advanced cosmetic treatment. They must be able to know in advance just what is, and what is not, possible with treatment. If a patient has unrealistic expectations, it is crucial that the doctor communicate this to the patient and explain what can be accomplished prior to getting started.

At Engle Implant Dentistry, the practice was built on service and quality. Dr. Engle has elevated the standards of excellence, which he will not compromise. He and his team provide honest evaluations of what can be accomplished with a smile makeover, and will carry out treatment with results that will exceed your expectations. To benefit from their consummate care, call Engle Implant Dentistry at (239) 593-2178 and schedule an appointment today.

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