Naples dentist discusses latest advances in full dentures

Full dentures have come a long way since your grandparents’ day, when “fake teeth” were characterized by plastic-appearing inserts that appeared two sizes too big for the mouth and tended to flop about when talking.

Today’s dentures give patients with total tooth loss a fully restored set of teeth that have exceptionally natural appearance and functionality. Dr. Bradley Engle of Engle Dentistry in Naples specializes in full and partial denture fitting and fabrication. Through many years of hands-on experience and knowledge, he has integrated the latest advances in denture technology into his practice, and his patient testimonials attest to the highest degree of quality and care.

The two problems with dentures with earlier denture prosthetics −− bad looks and poor fit −− are now problems of the past.

Borrowing from the cosmetic dentistry approach, today’s full dentures are created from special plastic or porcelain that mimic the natural shade and lustrous translucency of your original teeth. The dentist can custom-color your dentures so they complement your complexion and size and shape the teeth to conform to the contours of your mouth. The acrylics now have different shade options as well.

The science of dentures now takes into account neuromuscular dentistry, which means Dr. Engle factors your unique bite alignment into the denture design so that when you close your mouth there is a perfect match-up of the upper and lower plates. This also aids in ensuring the dentures seamlessly suction to your gums to reduce the potential for shifting. Dentures properly fitted to your features will give added support to your facial muscles and fill out your jaw line to promote a more youthful appearance. Better fitting dentures also last longer.

At Engle Dentistry, we offer immediate full dentures, which can be made and ready to wear the same day (after tooth extraction), right in Dr. Engle’s office. This service allows you to receive a full set of dentures discreetly without enduring several weeks without teeth until the new prosthetics are fabricated at an off-site lab. You can literally come in with natural teeth and go home with full set of dentures, and no one even needs to be aware you had the procedure.

Full denture candidates may have many of their original teeth remaining and be anxious about the extraction procedure. At Engle Dentistry, we offer sedation dentistry via Intravenous techniques or oral medication so you have the assurance of being in a very relaxed state and may not even recall having the extractions performed.

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