Marco Island Dentist Provides Laser Treatments in Marco Island

Dr. Bradley Engle and his team of dental professionals at Engle Dentistry in Marco Island are dedicated to the comfort, health, and wellbeing of every patient. They have invested heavily in advanced training and state of the art technology to provide the best level of care dentistry has to offer.

The iTero intra-oral scanner is a digital impression system that takes extremely accurate 3D virtual impressions. The iCat Cone Beam Dental CT scan creates vivid 3-D images of teeth, roots, jaw, and skull allowing more precision and the discovery of problems that otherwise might go unnoticed with standard systems. The Dexis Digital x-ray sensors provide better X-ray images with superior resolution and less X-ray exposure than traditional x-rays. The CEREC CAD/CAM system allows patients to have single appointment crowns. The Biolase Waterlase iPlus laser has a myriad of benefits for dental patients.

  • Painless – Pressure, vibration, and heat are the principal causes of pain when a traditional dental drill is used. This makes an injection with anesthetics necessary for patient comfort, as well as risking thermal damage to the tooth. The Waterlase combines water and laser energy to work gently without heat, noise, vibration, contact, or pressure allowing many procedures to be completed with little to no anesthetic.
  • Precision – The laser can remove decay, bone, and tissue with precision without affecting the surrounding area, preserving healthy structure.
  • Reduced swelling and bleeding – Due to the coagulating capabilities and gentle cutting action there is minimal bleeding during procedures and less post treatment swelling.
  • No contamination risk – Waterlase uses disposable, single-use tips, kills bacteria, and works without contact, eliminating the risk of cross contamination.
  • No Sutures – Waterlase is beneficial in the treatment of periodontal disease. It can be used as an alternative nonsurgical treatment for moderate to advanced periodontal disease. It can effectively eliminate the need for scalpel and sutures, increasing the comfort, convenience and speeding recovery for the patient.
  • Speed – Due to the reduced need for anesthesia and the efficiency of the laser, dental treatments require less time to complete.

The Biolse iPlus laser has transformed the dental experience for many patients. If you want to enjoy the benefits of advanced proven technology in your oral health care, call our Marco Island office at (239) 394-4906 or our Naples location at (239) 593-2111 and schedule an appointment today.

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