Oral Surgery

Emergency dental care is often needed because of a broken down or sick tooth. Oral surgery is a broad term that typically means the extraction of teeth. At our office, many of our patients elect to place bone grafting material in the socket following the extraction of a tooth. Grafting reduces the shrinkage of the bone following the extraction, reduces the post surgical pain, maintains the boney support around adjacent teeth better compared to non-grafted sites and significantly reduces the chances for “Dry Sockets.”

Many oral surgical procedures can be done quickly and easily with minimal discomfort or anxiety. If desired, Oral and IV Sedation procedures can help reduce pretreatment anxiety and post-treatment soreness. Working with only Florida Board of Dentistry approved Conscious Sedation Dental Providers (with permits); these sedation techniques can be completed safely in our office setting. 

Having board-certified dental specialists on staff in Naples and Marco Island, provides our patients with well-trained and experienced doctors. Our dental specialists will provide: surgical extractions, bone grafting, sinus preservations/augmentation, gum procedures, wisdom teeth removal, IV Sedation and biopsies of pathological changes (incisional/exisional) that are identified in the mouth. 

Oral surgical procedures can be provided by general dentists. However, we believe that these more complicated procedures do require the expertise, training and additional credentialing of a specialist. If you need a surgical procedure, our dentists will evaluate your case and recommend treatment by one of our surgical specialists.

Many oral surgery procedures can be avoided with simple oral hygiene care at home, regular checkups and maintenance appointments with a dentist. It is well documented in the literature that oral surgery procedures are needed because of damage or improper care to one's teeth. Prevention is essential in keeping a happy, healthy mouth.

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