Our Process

Since his first day in Naples, Dr. Engle has provided Southwest Florida with the most innovative dental practices.

Engle Dentistry adheres to the guidelines of Evidence Based Dentistry, a personalized approach to applying modern scientific evidence and years of experience to dental care. These guidelines put Engle Dentistry at the forefront in providing predictable treatment outcomes and excellent esthetic and functional results. Ultimately, this means that every patient at Engle Dentistry receives the highest quality care the dental field has to offer.

After making the commitment to become a board-certified periodontist and credentialed member of the medical staff at NCH Hospital, he has become well-known in Southwest Florida for his surgical approach to minimize post-surgical complications and/or pain. Many of his patients, both seasonal and abroad, travel far and wide to place themselves under his skillful care.

 A cone-beam dental CT scan has allowed Dr. Engle to plan his implant/ bone grafting cases without any guesswork and virtually eliminate surgical surprises. A 3D radiographic image can be used and downloaded into special guided implant planning software which assists Dr. Engle in planning precision-guided implant surgeries. The careful planning process decreases surgical time, overall post-surgical discomfort, and can even allow for the final placement of implant restorations (Teeth in an Hour) at the same appointment.

(Adequate number of implants and certain clinical requirements must be met prior to immediate loading of dental implants).

Dr Engle looks forward for the opportunity to help you achieve your dental goals.