Marco Island Sedation Dentist Restore Your Smile In An Hour With Dental Implants

Do you want a beautiful smile immediately? Even if you are missing all of your teeth, Engle dentistry can restore your smile in about an hour. Dr. Bradley Engle has advanced training and experience in the ultimate advancement in tooth replacement. Teeth in anhour™ is an innovative concept that can give dental patients totally functional teeth on stable dental implants in a single surgery, which lasts about an hour.

Traditionally, multiple surgeries (over a four to nine month period) are required to replace missing teeth with implants. With this revolutionary process, this can be accomplished with less than a month passing between the initial appointment and your new smile.Teeth in an hour™ has numerous advantages over conventional treatment.

This system provides the best possible accuracy for placement of the implants, far superior to freehand placement when multiple teeth are missing. The freehand method works well for replacing a single tooth when the remaining teeth can aid in positioning the implant. However, this method can be unpredictable when extensive loss of bone structure has occurred.

The process begins by taking a CAT scan of your jawbone. The scan is used to generate a 3D model of the bone allowing the precise placement of the implants to be planned in advance of the surgery, eliminating all guesswork. Based on the 3D model, the implants are placed in a virtual surgery on the computer. A guide is designed from the virtual placement and sent to the lab where the implants and surgical guide will be created.

In about two weeks, the doctor receives the placement guide, and restorative pieces from the lab. You return for the placement procedure, which goes very quickly as the doctor has already performed the surgery on the computer. The surgery involves no incisions, no sutures, and very little post treatment discomfort or swelling. You will be enjoying your beautiful new smile after just an hour in the dental chair.

Dr. Engle and the skilled team at Engle Implant Dentistry use the latest proven technology to provide the very best care and treatments that dentistry has to offer. If you want to replace your missing teeth quickly and comfortably, call either one of our locations, Naples (239) 593-2111, or Marco Island (239) 394-4906 and schedule an appointment today.

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