I am credentialed by the STATE of Florida to offer Intravenous sedation at each of my locations, Naples and Marco Island. During my 36 month Periodontal training at the Medical University of South Carolina, rotations were set up in the Hospital environment which brought my level of care and safety to a higher level. Intravenous conscious sedation provides a safe and comfortable method to complete single or multiple dental procedures with remembering many of the details or even being aware of the amount of time elapsed. The patient remains semi-conscious and can respond to basic instructions at all times. I usually compare this type of sedation to that performed during a Colonoscopy. Although the procedures obviously are much different, most people prefer not to remember either one. During your IV sedation, Blood pressure, Heart rhythm, and Blood saturation of Oxygen (or a pulse oximiter) will ensure your safety during your procedure. My staff is well trained in the unlikely event of an emergency, with all of them having Basic life support if not even Advance Cardiac Life support training. Oral sedation provides a more economical method to stay relaxed during any dental procedures but is difficult to adjust the level of sedation without waiting for the additional medication to take effect. Many patients prefer oral sedation just to take the pre-treatment nervousness away. At my offices, 80% of my Dental or Implant procedures are completed with either oral or Intravenous sedation techniques. Remember the 1st few days of any of my surgical procedures can be sore. Following my protocol can eliminate multiple days of soreness and discomfort as well as limit the amount of pain medication needed. In fact, many of my patients really don’t take much medication following the 1st day of their procedure. If you are interested in having your dental needs evaluated and completed using one of my sedation options, please contact my office and one of my office staff can provide addition information or even schedule your initial consultation.