Attention Marco Island: Porcelain Tooth Veneers move beyond their vanity image

Porcelain tooth veneers are one of the fastest-growing cosmetic dentistry procedures, spiking 250% since 2007 (according to the American Association of Cosmetic Dentistry).

Hollywood and makeover reality television shows have amplified the popularity of porcelain white teeth. For many Americans, a dream smile and impeccable teeth can be a reality, is within financial reach, and with benefits that can last a lifetime.

Beyond their dazzling shade and shine, porcelain veneers could provide a smart alternative to aligners or metal braces to straighten teeth that have gaps or teeth are uneven. Veneers also add balance to teeth by adding more natural length and spacing. With veneers, you can even select your preferred level of luminosity (color, shades, ect.). In addition, veneers look completely natural.

As their name implies, veneers are thin ceramic composite shells that are placed over your individual teeth. Costs are per tooth, and patients can have veneers applied to several teeth or their entire arch of top and bottom teeth.

At Engle Dentistry, Dr. Bradley Engle’s team has reputation in the Naples and Marco Island area for their expertise in providing superior patient care for porcelain veneer applications. His team takes the time to understand each patient’s dental history, and his or her desired intentions in making this significant investment in dental health.

Impressions will be made of your teeth from which the veneers are designed. During the treatment process, your teeth will be slightly ground to give a base texture to allow for the best bond of the final restoration. Approximately one-half millimeter of enamel will be removed. Your teeth will be comfortably numbed with a local anesthetic. The team will consult with you to fabricate veneers that complement your natural skin tone. If you are applying veneers to only a partial number of teeth, they will work to match the veneers to the adjacent teeth.

The thin veneer sheets are bonded onto your teeth using a cement-like product. A note of caution with porcelain veneers: they are not indestructible, they can chip and may need to be replaced if damaged. Avoid crunching on ice, grinding your teeth, or biting nails or other hard objects as this can increase the chance that the veneer to crack or chip.

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