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The terms “dental bridge” and “dental crown” are often used interchangeably, however each has its distinct purpose in treating full or partial tooth loss. If your dentist has mentioned a bridge or crown as part of your dental treatment program, you may have questions about why he or she has selected this type of restoration and how it will improve your dental health.

Engle Dentistry has years of experience fitting and creating crowns and bridges for patients throughout the Marco Island area. Trust the highly skilled staff at our practice to determine the best type of dental restoration for your dental situation.


A prosthetic crown is the used to treat one tooth or several teeth that are not adjoining. Crowns cover the existing tooth to enhance appearance, improve durability, and correct shape.

Examples include:

  • Strengthening a weak tooth that is in danger of fracturing
  • Place over a tooth that is missing a sizeable filling
  • Repair a discolored tooth
  • Protect a tooth following a root canal
  • In preparation to affix a bridge (read more on bridges below)

The crown is made from a mold of your existing tooth that is then adjusted at the laboratory to correct any deficiencies. This impression ensures a precise shape and fit with the adjacent teeth.

The actual crown can be formed from several materials, each with its distinct properties including:

  • Stainless steel: primarily a temporary type of crown used mainly for children’s teeth due to cost and they require fewer office visits for fitting.
  • Porcelain fused to metal: can be color matched so crown is virtually invisible. However, chip-prone
  • Metals (gold or silver): very chip resistant however, color can be a drawback so they are reserved for molars or out of sight teeth that are tucked away from front view
  • Ceramic or porcelain: best natural color match and good choice for those with metal allergies
  • Resin: less expensive permanent option, but may wear


A bridge is used to replace two or more teeth. Bridges are anchored to the existing teeth on either side of the gap and provide years of function. The main drawback for a Fixed Bridge is the difficulty of cleaning under it. Decay can form under the appliance with improper oral hygiene techniques.

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