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Humankind has understood the need for dental care throughout history. Evidence has been found of crude dental restorations from ancient cultures around the world. Dental crowns were first used by the Etruscans which still remain an important part of dentistry today.

Pure porcelain is brittle by nature, making early porcelain crowns fragile. When the technique of porcelain fused to metal was developed in the 1950s, it solved the problem of strength, but these crowns tend to get a dark line around the base. Today we now have harder, stronger porcelains making pure porcelain crowns a much more viable option. Crowns (whether made of metal or porcelain fused to metal) have also improved over the years.

What is the best dental material available today to fabricate a crown? The answer is not the same for every patient. Modern dentistry is about individualized, comprehensive care. After a thorough examination, your dentist will explain all of your options. In some cases, you may not need anything at all. However, if you do require a Dental crown, options such as porcelain crowns and/or cosmetic fillings are now more conservative and predictable compared to back in the olden times.

The choice of restoration, and material, depend on several factors. Naturally, aesthetics is a high priority for many people. The appearance of a restoration is more important for front teeth, especially in the upper arch, because they are most visible when you smile or speak. Increased strength of the restoration is more important for the back teeth because they absorb most of the pressure when you bite down. Additionally, patients with bruxism (teeth grinding) need stronger restorations, to prevent fracturing and eventual breakdown.

If you and your dentist decide a crown is right for you, the process can usually be completed in two appointments. First, the tooth is shaped to allow for maximum retention, and impressions are then taken. The crown is carefully designed for optimal comfort, appearance, and functionality. The impressions are sent to a quality dental laboratory, where your crown is created (In fact, final crowns can now be offered for Same Day delivery). For porcelain crowns, advanced techniques, (such as layering porcelain of different shades and translucencies) are used to create a crown that looks exactly like a flawless natural tooth.

Whether you have functional, or cosmetic dental problems, you can count on the superb team of Engle Implant Dentistry to provide the best solution modern dentistry has to offer. Call Naples (239) 593-2178 or Marco Island (239) 394-4906 and schedule an appointment today.

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